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When you meet Nancy Stoneberg, expect life changes!  Nancy is a Certified Personal Trainer, National Natural Body Building Champion and “Fitness Guru” for Twin Cities Live.   Nancy advocates a healthy lifestyle with an 80/20 philosophy: 80% of the time in your life make responsible decisions with exercise and nutrition and 20% of the time… relax and enjoy.


This website is dedicated to a core philosophy and is structured in much that same way. With 80% of our content focused on fitness, nutrition, health, wellness and 20% devoted to family, friends and fun.  We’re convinced that this fresh, community oriented approach to improving your quality of life will provide better support, lead to lasting, positive change and help you to discover “Strength Beyond the Gym”. We’re so glad you found us!

Oh my aching feet!

It's a beautiful bright sunny morning! Lots to do and I can't wait to get going!  I throw back the blankets, jump out of bed only to be shut down with terrible foot pain that just about drops me to my knees! I am talking about plantar fasciitis. It is most painful in the morning, when your feet first hit the floor. Typically, the pain eases and sometimes completely subsides after you've had a chance to move your feet around and stretch them out. Plantar fasciitis is defined as: Inflammation of the bottom of the foot. Breaking it down more specifically, we have: Plantar: refers to the bottom of the foot. Fasci: the loose covering around muscle and tendons throughout the body. Itis: Inflammation. Today, on Twin

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When we created this site, we wanted it to be warm and inviting;  something that could fit into your life and that you could feel a part of.  Our goal is to help you reach your fitness goals while realizing “Strength Beyond the Gym”.  We’ve all been to sites that make you sign-up or barrage you with promotions.  We wanted to be different… and you’ll see that we are! So browse around, explore and you’ll find something to improve your life and connect with our community.

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